has the know-how, thanks to a long-time experience in plant engineering and surface working, which has allowed the company to develop advanced solutions such as the ALROX sheet panels. Their shining surfaces have been skilfully worked to obtain a three-dimensional and dynamic optical effect, the reflection of which changes with the position of the observer and the light.
Alrox panels are refined design elements which are more and more used in various fields: furnishing, shops interior decoration, elevator cars, ceilings, floors and columns covering, and many others. They can be used as a printing surface for logos and advertisement signs.

There are potentially no limits to obtainable patterns, realized combining monotype straight, curved or circular lines of various thickness in different forms and dimensions. Working can be done on different surfaces: rough, satin, grinded and polished metal sheets, which can be left natural or painted, coated and protected.
Alrox patterns can be executed on different materials: aluminium, stainless steel, zinc-coated steel, brass and copper. The sheets can be used as plain panels, or bent, curved and worked as normal metal sheets.

The offer is addressed to companies which operate in the field of architecture, interior design, elevators construction, building and urban design.
There is a complete openness to collaborations with architects and designers who wish to employ the product and to experiment innovative ideas and solutions.

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With this production the company Meccanica Ronzani has acquired a new shape with two productive units, RONZANI ENGINEERING and RONZANI DESIGN, and has started the procedure for the development and implementation of the Quality Management System to comply with the norm UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

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